How to DOWNLOAD MYNBA 2K22 app on iPhone?

hello everyone so here is new my nba 2k22 app it wasn't available in the app store but i think it was released on tuesday or late monday um and now you can just go to app store search for my nba 2k22 and download it don't get my nba 2k21 or nba 2k so you need exactly this app so just tap cat and then you can just use your voice id or touch id and just get the app so this is how you install it so the size is 61.9 megabytes so it's not that big and then yeah they're not that manual reviews yet but that's how you download it uh there are no requirements for ios i think i have ios 14 and iphone 7 so it seems to run on older iphones and older ios systems but i don't know the exact specifications [Music] you need to log in with your [Music] console account here um so yeah and then you can just proceed with the app there are also all these settings [Music] so yeah that's that's about it that's how you download that my nba 2k22 and then when you log in you will be able to use face config                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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