hello everyone so there is a new cool update in widget share now you can draw on the pictures so that's amazing feature i will just show you like so for example i have this widget and i just want to add a new photo from here so here is like my photo and then i just have this brush icon in the top right and then i can just select the color select and then yeah basically i can just draw something like so yeah anything you like of course you can also go back you can also add text which is amazing uh something like this there is also eraser [Music] you can also just delete anything oops i did something so anyways this is a cool feature um and then you can just save it and then you can just update the widget and [Music] tap send and that's basically then the widget will be updated and sent to your friends you can see here the why is the cool update because uh basically maybe you know there are two um big apps like rocket widget and noted so in locate widgets you can just ascend photos and in note that you can send notes but you can't do vice versa you can send photos in noted or you can draw in locket widget so basically in this app you can do both you can either take photo you can send photo or you can you can just draw so basically there you have it um it's a cool update just go update widget share app and then you you can just do it

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