How to earn bonuses and rewards in ReelShort app?

How to earn bonuses and rewards in ReelShort app?

If you're a fan of short-form videos like those found on TikTok, but also enjoy watching movies and shows, then the ReelShort app might be just what you're looking for. This app combines the best of both worlds, offering a platform to watch movies and shows in a super-short format, similar to TikTok's 30-second videos.

But what sets ReelShort apart is the ability to earn rewards while enjoying your favorite content. In the top right corner of the app, you'll find a rewards section, and here's how you can start earning bonuses:

  1. Check-in every day: By simply checking in daily, you can earn 10 bonuses instantly. It's a quick and easy way to accumulate rewards.
  2. Watch ads for additional bonuses: You can earn an additional 20 bonuses by watching ads. It's a small price to pay for the extra rewards.
  3. Login daily for consecutive check-in bonuses: The more consecutive days you log in, the more bonuses you'll receive. These bonuses are just as valuable as coins and can be used to unlock episodes.
  4. Watch up to 7 ads per day: ReelShort allows you to watch up to 7 ads daily, meaning you can earn even more bonuses. By doing this, you can accumulate around 175 points per day.

In total, by viewing additional ads and taking advantage of the bonuses, you can potentially earn up to 205 bonuses per day. These bonuses are equivalent to coins, giving you more flexibility in unlocking episodes.

If you're looking to access content quickly and prefer not to spend time earning bonuses, you also have the option to purchase premium packs from the store. These packs will instantly refill your bonus count, allowing you to watch the shows you want without any delay.

It's worth noting that ReelShort doesn't offer a subscription model like many other apps. Instead, they have chosen to use coins and bonuses as their primary monetization method. You can purchase 10,000 coins for $100 or 1,000 coins for $10.

Whether you choose to earn bonuses through check-ins and watching ads or prefer to buy coins directly, ReelShort offers an interesting and unique approach to rewarding users. So, if you're a fan of short-format content and are looking for a new way to watch movies and TV shows, give the ReelShort app a try.

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