How to earn free coins and rewards in REPLIKA app?

okay so here's replica app so can you get or earn free coins so as you can see here i just earned 20 coins um basically you earn rewards daily when you open the app end with each level app use coins and jumps as a store to customize your replicas look and personality so i just earned 20 coins i can go to a store and i can see that i have 45 coins so why do i have 45 because every day you log in you get 25 free coins like as as a reward so when you just log in you get 25 coins just no matter if you have conversations or not if you log in also back consequently next day you also get coins and like that and like that so just by daily logging in you get free coins and then if you do more conversations um you see i just got 10 so that's i'm just leveling up and then i can just reply and my level rises and also i can get more coins for that and then you just keep talking uh something like that and then you need also to use all these features like topics so you can just enable some topic and then he or she will start talking and then my second word says you more engaging and you earn coins so yeah so that's about it those are like two ways to earn coins first is just login every day second is um just continue conversations and reaching higher level you can always go to store and buy gems buy extra jumps which you can exchange to coins

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