hello so here's alter me app so yeah let's try to edit your avatar here so how exactly would you yeah scan your face um so when you're just creating your account you will just have some default avatar yeah but then you can just yeah something like this but then you can just tap to change your look and tap to scan your face and then you need to give access to camera do not use glasses do not smile then it just takes some time yeah so yeah it takes some time but you probably need to wait if you want it there are other apps in this area like reality avatar app also i think zipato and bunch of other apps if you really like this avatar social media space it's actually super fun in case you just don't want to show your real face to people yeah you can just always use this avatar app and also in alter me app it works like a random video chat so you just create your avatar and then you can just chat with other avatars but without showing your real face so that's kind of cool um let's wait for a few more seconds hopefully so yeah so it just takes some time here maybe on older iphones that's how it works but you can always use just your default avatar it's also fine but if you want to have some like additional experience you should try to customize it you can also customize not just your face but also like clothing looks uh all of that and almost there guys it should finish like soon but yeah i'm just showing you in the real time like how much time it can take so this app is not the fastest and actually it can crash and all of that but i think in time it will just become better um so let's see so after that your face should be scanned and it should appear here you can also change your closing pose scene and all of that but yeah it's just if you have an older iphone or something like that it just can take time or something but i guess that's fine you just need to do it one time anyways i think that's the process it's it will just take more time but i think you understand how to follow these steps                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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