hey everyone so do you know how to edit settings for the general channel in slack so it's in fact super easy so just go to general channel and right click then you click open channel details and then here you can change the topic change the description [Music] you can see all the files all the members you can see integrations and then you can see settings so for example here you can edit posting permissions who can post in this channel everyone everyone except guests you and specific people and then if your slack instance is super big you can just disable allow everyone here at channel mentions so if there is some like channel with 10 000 users you can just disable that and people won't be able to post like at channel and notify 10 000 users on slack so there you have it that's basically how you added general channel settings um [Music] there are a lot of like usual general general and random are like default channels so it's good to know this                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Salesforce Omni-Channel Audio Setti...
Salesforce Omni-Channel Audio Settings
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