How to edit Locket Rewind 2022?

here's locket widget app so to edit your locket rewind just tap on the rewind and then you will need to wait when it's being generated and then you will just see an overview yeah kind of pretty cool but the cool feature also is that you can edit it so you can just remove some photos you don't like remove some people um just change speed and just added it a bit so if you want to share it on it on Tick Tock or SnapChat you can just do it uh like that so I will show you how to do it so here you just have edit button in the bottom left then you can just tap add it and then you can pick photos you can select which folders you want to select um pick people everyone or just mine change speed so here you can change from really fast fast normal slow really slow and that's basically the idea uh so yeah just feel free to add it and generate your own cool video it's actually pretty nice

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