here's the reader 5 app this is one of the top apps which is using bionic reading and i will show you how to enable this setting in the app so you need to have your account you need to add feed you need to subscribe to either you know to newsletter or to website you want to read so i subscribe to my new website and here you can see some content some text and basically in this app in the very bottom right corner there is br section so this is how you enable bionic reading which is a more focused way to to read a text some people it can seem like a bit annoying or what's happening here but just try to focus a bit and try to reach this snippet uh and then uh you will see that you can actually get uh a lot of uh like a lot of reading done pretty pretty fast so that's a new technique it's you can read more about the whole idea is that your brain doesn't need the whole world to recognize it so for example if you read youtube you can just see youtube and then it will be enough for your brain to understand that and move on and you like increased focus and speed of reading very significantly then in settings here you can see bionic reading settings here you can read more what is bionic reading you can see change the settings faxation circuit opacity you can enable if you want to show it or not show it in the toolbar so that's the idea i hope this is helpful

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