How to enable dark mode in Dream by Wombo Premium?

so dark mode is finally coming soon to to the dream by wumbo uh so you just tap in top right and then there is dream premium app uh subscription and then you can just tap on the dark mode i mean you need to upgrade first it's 4.99 per month 19.99 per year so as you can see much cheaper if you got yearly subscription and then yeah you can just enable dark mode and yeah it's pretty fun and if you already bought dream premium you will have also priority queue premium styles prompt history which also cool feature and save as video and with this dark mode you will just be able to you know it's just a better overview and if you're using this app a lot or you like dark mode definitely need to have that it's not yet released i don't know exact date maybe it's already released when when you're watching this video but hope it is helpful

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