How to enable Dark theme or Light theme in official ChatGPT app?

The official ChatGPT app is a widely used platform for users to communicate with each other. Many people prefer certain themes over others, and the app offers both Dark and Light themes to its users. If you're an iOS user, who is curious about how to enable either one, then this article is for you.

Enabling these themes on the app can enhance the user experience and readability. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps of enabling the Dark or Light theme on the ChatGPT app.

Firstly, make sure to update the app to its latest version. Once you've done that, tap on the settings icon on the app. Here's where you'll find the colors scheme option that you're looking for. Tap on it, and you'll see an option to choose between Dark, Light, or System.

If you select the Dark mode option, the app screen will change color to match it. The Light mode, on the other hand, switches it back to a white background. The option to use the System option will follow along with the iOS system default.

Enabling Dark or Light mode can save battery life and provide better reading conditions in low-light settings. For those who are exposed to bright screens throughout the day, the soothing Dark mode is perfect for giving the eyes a break. Alternatively, the Light mode is good for reading in bright daylight environments or for those who prefer a bright user interface.

Here's a recap of how to enable these themes on your iOS device:

  1. Make sure to update the ChatGPT app to its latest version
  2. Open the app's setting and look for the 'color scheme' tab
  3. Choose between Dark, Light, or System options
  4. Enjoy the ChatGPT app with your preferred theme!

In conclusion, enabling a Dark or Light theme on the ChatGPT app can be a quick and easy way to customize your app use, providing a more enjoyable user experience. We hope that this article was helpful for those who were wondering how to enable these themes and that you enjoy your newly themed app!

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