How to enable DO NOT DISTURB MODE in FOCUS on iPhone? iOS 14

hello everyone so here is ios 14 and this is a quick guide how to then enable do not distort mode on iphone so the easiest way is just when you swipe up you can just tap and hold here and then you have to know distort mode so then you can just tap dunno's distort mode and that's about it uh so notice that this is a new focus menu in ios 14 it wasn't here before so you can enable it here also if you go to settings you can just scroll down and go to focus and then just go to do not disturb and then just uh do not disturb on but you can still allow notifications from specific apps and from specific people like still you can go to apps and allow notifications from like like phone i guess so you can do that um yeah you can enable that time sensitive allow apps not in your load list to send notifications mark as time sensitive immediately and then focus status home screen lock screen you can turn on automatically add schedule automation so this is pretty advanced and then you can add a load person yeah so something like that hope that is helpful

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