How to enable FAST CAMERA in BEREAL app?

to enable fast camera in be real tap on the profile picture in top right tap on three dots in top right and then uh here you have other tab and then here it is fast camera reduces quality i actually don't really understand what that is so if i have it here is this is this camera really that faster like maybe it's it's a bit faster uh so yeah at least you know at least you know that there is this kind of feature um and yeah i'm just i'm just going through trying to figure out uh so that's that's basically using this feature you can reduce the abs delay when taking photo and there is a like a slight delay between the time user taps the capture button and when the photo is actually taken uh because yeah that's uh uh yeah uh that's basically the main issue in be real app uh um yeah and a lot of people are reporting bugs and all of that so that's the the thing you can try to use uh to to experience less bugs and just have faster bureau app if you go to app reviews on bureau you will see that's one of the main concerns is that yeah the app is either notification is not working or if you're trying to tap on notification take a picture it doesn't work as well so maybe try this feature

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