How to enable Ghost mode in Gas app?

so how to enable ghost mode on Gaza so here how it looks like so sometimes when you when you're on a gold mode yourself so it's not ghost mode it's God Mouse it's like a byte subscription and you try to reveal some flames you will see this ghost icon in the top right and it says this Pro cannot be revealed the sender used goldmon to set in anonymously so what it means basically is that if you have god mode you can additionally enable ghost mode so ghost mode is like a feature of gold mode so just go to your go to your profile tap on edit profile go to manage account and then here you have Anonymous mode or God mode as other people call it meaning now if I uh answer pause right now in this ghost mode then people who have governments themselves that want to reveal me they won't be able to to reveal me so yeah they will just see the ghost icon but I only have 60 Minutes to to use it as I understand that's the limit per day I guess or per um I don't know for each period

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