How to enable Love messages (sent with ❤️ from NGL) in NGL app?

if for some reason you want to enable NGO low messages or a fake messages from NGL team um yeah just go to uh yeah go I just want to share how it looks like um so this is it stand with with love from Team Angel so this is like a fake question which was sent by bot or it's not a real person who sends this so yep um that's basically it uh so just yeah Angel Sans sauce I now disabled it so I tap on your icon go to settings and now I can you can see that nglo messages are off so I disabled those mean I don't want to receive this stuff anymore I don't want to receive what messages but if for some reason you don't have much any messages at all or you want to to brag with your friends that you get in a lot of messages stuff like that you can always just tap here and then just enable those and then you will be completely sure that some message is actually sent to you by bot like that's not the real person you're not you don't need to upgrade or buy a subscription instantly you don't get too excited because there is some message from your crush but it appears it's not your crush it's just a bot so you can just enable those and honestly I would do that because I don't know all the tactics all the gross hacks of this app and I just actually like that there is a message and then in the bottom it clearly says it is about like sun vislove from Tim and gel is actually very nice from from the NGL team closes because a lot of teams can get really excited or really confused and then spend my a lot of money just you know to upgrade and see that like who sent me this is I'm so excited maybe it's my crush or something like that in fact it can be just a bot so just maybe for yourself to really enable this feature to know that yeah this is what it is and hope it can be helpful

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