How to enable or disable DEPTH EFFECT on iPhone wallpapers?

hey everyone did you know that you can customize dabs effect on your phone so if you just go to settings and go to wallpaper basically you can tap on customize and then in the bottom right you have these three buttons and then you can just disable tabs effect on your wallpaper so meaning depth effect is kind of crazy school like graphic one you're like time can be in in the middle of the image so you can have some like cat image or whatever and then like some of the time numbers can be behind the image and other ones can be like forward to the image so it's kind of like depth uh graphic it's pretty cool but some people just don't like it so yeah you can always disable that here on this screen you don't have that but just so you know it's always possible to disable that and you can just go to customization and do it here so yeah that's basically the idea

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