How to enable Picture in picture mode in Google Meet?

hello everyone so i wanted to share this tip with you so basically if you're creating google meet meeting you can just tap on three dots and there is a new feature which is called picture in picture so you can have your google meet meeting just in in picture-in-picture mode which will just be displayed in the like right bottom corner of your screen and you can just continue doing your stuff so that's just a new feature which was added and i just created like a screenshot how it works so basically if you enable it like this picture in picture will be this enabled here in the bottom right and then um yeah uh your meet call google mid call will be just in another window uh using picture in picture let's you stay in the call while you do other things and yeah like so if you're asking like if screen sharing is working yes screen share would work in this mode as well um so uh yeah so it works perfectly and then you just need to bring the call back here just tap uh tap on the screen to to go back to normal mode and exit picture in picture mode so hope that is helpful

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