How to enable Picture-in-picture mode in YouTube app on iPhone?

hey there so I'm just trying to enable picture in picture mode on my YouTube app on iPhone 14 pro and yeah I'm just going through the settings here because it's just not working so for sure first you need to make sure you have YouTube premium which I do and then you need to have iOS 15 or later to use picture-in-picture in your device I have IOS 16 or something so then there are two things you need to enable a picture in picture to turn out on automatically on all your device for all other apps so just go to settings and then you can just search for picture in picture and make sure that this this setting is on so it's on it's fine then specifically for YouTube I go to YouTube app settings General to turn on picture and picture to on um I don't know where are these settings maybe again in Settings app um so okay let's just go again to YouTube app go to settings here and then General and then here you can just enable picture and picture so if you exit your videos continue and when you play on top of other apps start people automatically must also be turned on in device settings so there you have it this is where it is it wasn't turned on that's why it kind of didn't work so now um yeah it's work should should be working

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