How to enable Premium Styles in Dream by Wombo app?

so how to enable premium styles in dream by one by app so here you just go to the app tap in top right and then in this update two days i just released this feature with premium styles where you can gain access to exclusive art styles and this feature is worth 4.99 per month or 18.99 per year so as you can see per year is pretty cheap uh you there is no free trial and also you can get a support you're all in the discord and get more help so um there you have it so here is uh here is an app and if you want to generate uh style you will see that there are two premium styles at this moment transitory and then there is uh the risk melon holic style so that's basically that these are two new updates and yeah you can still use it then with the search prompts and then you can input images and try them out so yeah if you want to access these two new art style just do this

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