How to enable SnapChat Badge with SnapChat Plus?

in case you missed it snapchat just enables a premium service called snapchat plus and one of the features is called snapchat plus badge so as a snapchat plus subscriber you can add some flair to your display name with a black star badge this lets your friends know you're a snapchat plus subscriber snapchat plus badge is off by default but you can make it appear next your display name so just go to your profile tap your snapchat plus membership card at the top and toggle snapchat plus badge so yeah super easy so snapchat plus is 3.99 per month 3.99 per month it's available only in selected countries at this moment but if you're eligible just subscribe by the way i created another video how to do it and then go to your profile in the top left part there will be a new membership card at the top and toggle on snapchat badge and then this badge where it will appear it will just be next to your display name so yeah hope that's helpful

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