How to enable Text Message Forwarding on iPhone for other Apple devices?

so to enable text message forwarding on other devices in your apple ecosystem for example you have iphone but you also have ipad and you also have mac and imac so if you receive text on iphone you want that this text also appears on your mac or on ipad so if you want that this feature is not enabled by default but you can do that so just go to settings search for messages and then here is text message forwarding here it is and then you can just enable that allows these devices to standard receive text message from this iphone so after that my macbook pro will receive texts from which also arrive to my iphone so yep that's it basically and here's i just found this thread on twitter that you know like this is maybe the most first worst first world problem but yeah you know people who are really tight in the apple ecosystem and have like a lot of apple devices here you just need to enable text message forwarding for every new device you have at the time you set up of course if you want to receive these tags personally me because sometimes i some just get like some spam tags and stuff like that i don't want these messages to appear everywhere on ipad and macbook and everywhere because then you just need like you know to delete them and it can also distract you but in some situations you just need to have that um so that's that some people say it should be a default setting but it's not a default setting and then some people tell telling like why my messages weren't weren't coming through the ipad i forgot you had to enable it in the messages on settings thanks a lot so it's not enabled by default so that's an issue hope it is helpful

Easily forward Apple iPhone text me...
Easily forward Apple iPhone text messages to iPad and Macbook
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