so i have generated this image in dream by wumbo app so how to export it uh so you need to tap share icon in top right and then you can download it as original and then it you will see exporting sign and then it should be exported to your camera roll so let's just see how it will look like so now it looks like this so you see one more art you kills you can see all these watermarks there is no no way to remove these watermarks at this point you can also save as a font background uh so let's check how that will look like if you set as a phone background then you don't have any watermark so yeah actually that's that's you how you can do that and then you can set up this photo as your background on on the iphone then of course you can just share and send it to your friends we are standard sharing menu on iphone but then again it will in it will include watermarks and dream logo so these are the options uh hope uh this is helpful

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