How to extend due date in Klarna app?

okay so here is clarinet app so to extend your due date um yeah you need to go to your purchases so here that view my purchases uh choose the purchase and click buy and then you will see the options available and then just peek extend the due date to buy a later and follow the instruction uh if klarna doesn't receive a payment before the due date i will send a reminder by a mile and ask you to buy within 14 dice know if you will be charged if after 14 days 7 receive the appointment there will be a second reminder yeah and then you will have some fees and if again it's not paid again the statement will be transferred to a debt collection agency an extra reminder fees will be added so there you have it if you have the problem with your order you can just uh report the problem or report a return so that's that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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