How to filter and search chats in Chai ai chatbot?

to filter chatbots by keyword in chai app so just tap on the search icon um and then you can just search by specific keyword so for example if i you want to search like bots with trav here or you can find all the bots who have name jack so as you can see there is not an unlimited amount of of these bots or you know you can also search like this so that's also can be done so yeah anyways uh yeah something like that uh i hope this can be helpful this app basically uses you know just a lot of these ai bots which you can find and chat with the recommended bots there are popular bots or new bots romantic horror friendly well-being all the different categories of the bots i think they're just like ai models and yeah it's pretty interesting sometimes this app is like providing like good quality of the chats sometimes this is not the best quality so something like that

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