How to filter only messages from NEW FRIENDS in SNAPCHAT?

If you're an avid Snapchat user, you might find yourself adding a lot of new friends frequently. With that said, it can be challenging to keep track of your new friends and other messages. Fortunately, Snapchat has a feature that helps users sort out their new friends-- here's how you can filter only messages from new friends in Snapchat.

First, open up your Snapchat app and go to your messages. Once you've done that, swipe up, and you should see a small plus person icon. This icon may seem obscure, but it represents "new friends". Click on this icon to view all the messages from your new friends.

These messages are defined as ones you haven't spoken to before. It's handy if you want to see who your recent friends are and keep track of new conversations. Once you're done with the new friends filter, you can just swipe back down to return to the primary messaging screen.

Another nifty feature is to filter out your best friend's messages. With this filter, you can ignore or prioritize messages from your closest friends. It's an excellent feature if you want to declutter your message inbox.

In conclusion, Snapchat has its set of filters to sort out your message inbox. Whether it's new friends or best friends, Snapchat helps you stay organized while chatting with your friends. To save a few minutes scrolling through your chat history, try using these filters today.

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