How to find out your NGL id?

so how to find out your NGL ID so sometimes if you go to inbox and you want to upgrade you see that by using NGL Pro you can get hints like location device and glid and more so basically uh yeah like of course you understand what location and device is like but NGL ID what exactly that is I don't think that's like super helpful uh but like to find out your nglid here's what you can do just tap into your icon and then just tap I need generate this email from here and then you will see user ID here so that's I guess that's your NGL ID so that's what it is um yeah so that's your user ID I guess that's NGL ID and that's yours so that's not sound once I didn't upgrade to NCL Pro but in case you need some support you can use that now if you like if you upgraded and you discovered in the hint someone's NGL ID maybe then you can just to be sure ask your friends to if you show theirs and then you can be completely sure that someone sent you this so that's how you actually Reveal Your nglid

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