How to flip profile picture with avatar in Instagram?

so how to flip the profile picture on Instagram this is just like a new feature which was just released on January 24th 2023 and just update your Instagram app and then yeah like so you can have this experience when you go to someone's Instagram profile and you have post profile picture and an avatar so what's what is that so yeah it's pretty cool so to achieve that you just need to go to Instagram and then tap on edit profile just depending which type of account you have you can have a professional account or private individual just find this button to edit profile and then you can edit picture Avatar and then here you have your profile picture or you have your avatar and then you can just tap add to profile picture and then yeah basically you are adding Avatar to your profile picture so that's basically the idea and then if someone goes to your profile it will start flipping like that as you see it now so it's pretty cool

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