so did you notice there is this trick on spotify if you want to just add all your facebook friends and follow all your facebook friends in spotify so instead of going one by one just you know searching usernames asking your friends you can just log in with facebook so attach facebook to your spotify go to your profile tap on three dots on top right on mobile find friends and then here you will see all your friends from facebook which are which have spotify account and which are also connected there's uh their facebook to spotify and then you can just tap follow all you can follow like you know 100 people at once and you will just follow all your friends um from facebook so that's kind of a quick way i didn't know you can actually do it so yeah that's that's what you can do it's not done by default default if you have friends on facebook and you sign up with facebook to spotify you won't be friends on spotify automatically so of course you need to add friends on spotify but this is the way to do it faster

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