How to FOLLOW SOMEONE in NoteIt app?

hello everyone so if you enjoying this app not it log withdraw with widget drawing widget uh this app is in top charts in entertainment category but just take a look i'm talking about exactly this app take a look at the developers it's made by lowit and the app icon because there are so many other noted widgets which have which have the same names uh so not this one not not these ones um so basically here is the app and now if you share a drawing and then you try to send it and you send the post to public not just to your friends you will be unlocked the whole new feature of uh the whole new set of features so here you can see it's like instagram for this note so you can see all these notes from other people you can comment you can upload them you can like them and then you can just go to specific profile and then you can follow someone but again this functionality only open up if when you share your first image to public so i just make this image i just shared it to public people can upload it or comment on it and it's kind of like instagram so why not so they just added this functionality and yeah it's pretty fun so yeah you can just follow someone i don't know i don't think you can message or dm someone no it's not possible maybe they will add that in future i would see it as a next logical step in this app development but yeah there you have it this is what it is now so hopefully this is helpful so enjoy that

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