How to FOLLOW SOMEONE on RUMBLE app? (Video)


  1. Open Rumble app and go to your feed.
  2. Just tap follow button next to the username.
  3. And then you can just go to a specific account and then you can see your following status.
  4. You can also see number of user videos, followers and following.
  5. Also, in the top right part you can block or report the profile.

Hope it was helpful.

Follow someone on Rumble app

Rumble app overview

Rumble is a free video-sharing service created by Rumble, Inc. A social app that lets you post, watch, and vote on videos is comparable to YouTube in a sense. If you sign up for one of your favorite channels, you will be informed when there is new material to watch. It encourages people to utilize the films they create by letting them profit.

Rumble is a Toronto-based Canadian video hosting and streaming company. The organization was established in 2013 by Canadian technology entrepreneur Chris Pavlovski. Rumble is a free social program created by Rumble, Inc. It allows people who want to post and broadcast videos to do so.

Rapid increase occurred in monthly user counts for Rumble between July 2020 and the end of the first quarter of 2021, with the total number increasing from 1.6 million to 31.9 million.

How Rumble works?

When the uploador and the administrator of the rumbling service both benefit, then profit is distributed accordingly. In other words, this is how it works. In a profit-sharing arrangement it enables you to earn 10 times as much as you would on YouTube. And indeed, this is true. Other applications, it is more simpler to monetize movies with Rumble. This app doesn't require a lot of views to earn money.

Nowadays, YouTube has evolved into a revenue stream for YouTube content creators. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of total video view time in order to turn your work into money. Success will be hard to achieve if you have a low number of followers. Rumble, on the other hand, makes this issue simple to overcome. Instead of counting video views or subscriptions, this software will allow you to simply submit your movies and track their progress.

A subscriber may also follow channels they like to receive news of fresh material. It encourages people to utilize the films they create by letting them profit.

Rumble's Audience

One of the reasons why Rumble app started to appear in the top charts in the App Store - is it ties with conservative audience.

A lot of right wing people are using this app to post content, as an alternative to Twitter, Facebook or TikTok - where they risk to be banned.

There are also Parler app, MeWe and newly developed Gettr app. While on Parler you can mostly post text posts or images, Rumble is used for video content.

The RUMBLE Android app

On Android it is available as a free with English creativity. The version 1.3.2 has a positive rating of 4.3.

Rumble on iOS

Rumble for iOS is designed with the iPad in mind. The app has a positive rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is available for free download.

Rumble on the PC

Download Rumble on PC using LDPlayer Android Emulator for PC users - More than 100 million users trust it. The steps on how to download and instal Rumble on PC are shown below.

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator that enables you to play Android games and apps on your PC. Typing "LDPlayer" in the search engine and entering "Rumble" in the search field will provide LDPlayer and Rumble results. When you find the programme in search results, then click "Download" and download the game using the LD Store or Google Play  After installation is completed, you may begin playing by clicking the game icon. It's a lot of fun to play games utilizing LDPlayer.

Rumble Parent Reviews

Unlike Youtube rumble had been successful by providing a platform it thinks will be trusted by artists and marketers. Unlike adpocalypse incidents of youtube, including the fiasco with children's material, and hundreds of copycat channels that have blatantly stolen artists' work, Rumble is thought to be a safe place for kids. According to Rumble, their approach to brand safety and creative transparency is superior.

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