How to generate a TikCode for specific TikTok video?

to generate a tick code for specific um tick tock video so not just for the whole your profile but just for specific tic tac video just tap on three dots then scroll to the very to the right and then somewhere here you will see an option t code it can be in the very right part or it can be in the beginning and that's your t code that's uh basically you can just scan the stick code to watch this video so then you can just save to device you can just scan it or yeah you can just have different options how to use it so overall that's basically how it works so if you want to scan someone else's video you can just tap scan and bottom right if you want to save to device um you can just save this image to device and then just send to your friends and instead of like you know sending copy a link to this video you can just send this stick code and then maybe it's more convenient maybe it's easier for some people hope all this is helpful thank you for watching

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