How to generate AI images based on your image with DREAM by WOMBO app?

in this all quick overview we will go through how to generate an art artwork with some image input in dream by wumbo app so just tap on plus enter prompt but basically what you can do is just select image and add some image from uh from your artwork so for example i have this image for off ikea lamp whatever and then i just want to generate and it only actually generates the portrait mode but there you have it so let's just try to do something like this you can't you can't uh select landscape mode so here is lamp i just have that i can adjust here influence default means your input image has some impact in your minor it means it doesn't have any effect in my experience if you want to use the image just select strong it really produces nice result then here you can enter prompt and then you just need to select one of these styles or just select no style so for example i want to select this okay so i still need to enter prompt even if i added an image input and then i type create image input is in optional uh you can generate artwork artworks even without it but like with image input your artwork in dream by wampo app is much more accurate and much higher quality in my experience because without like specific image input it will just generate somewhere like you know general images uh which are like very generalistic so that's that but like with the image as you can see it will really have some better suggestion like and better generated artwork so this is what it can look like yeah it also depends on on your quality of your image how clear is it um yeah try if you want to generate some objects try that this object is clearly identifiable clearly seeing and all of that so here you can see that's the result basically this is how you can just generate with image input so yeah try it out i hope this is helpful

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