How to generate artwork in WONDER AI from prompt or input image?

here is Wonder AI app and how to generate an image uh from The Prompt and by using your camera and input image so for example here I want to use prompt pan and then I want to use input image the image you select will be used as a reference for the final output then I can just use the camera and for example here I can just take a photo of this pen so for example and then I can use the photo and then here is the photo of some pan I have and then I can select some prompt uh okay so the realistic and then I just use this and after that let's see what happens so now I'm using to create an image and now uh yeah I need to watch the ad unfortunately there are just too many ads right now in this app like it's pretty annoying but as is how they you monetize the app you can always try to subscribe and upgrade in this app I think it's 3.99 dollars per week and they have three day free trial so you can try to do that and upgrade um so yeah uh that's basically the idea so yeah let's just write a bit it's another ad and then done okay we can close this one and then I'm still in queue and then I'm creating so here as you can see the it uses the original image and it just creates something different so that's basically the idea and then uh yeah I just created the image of the pan then I can just modify my prompt meaning I can rename add another prompt there are some recommended Styles but they are not reflected and then I can just publish it or I can save it I can share it and yeah so that's basically it so if publish it means it's just published uh on my profile here and then when I go here I can delete it I can rename it I can share it so there you have it and that's how you do it also you can use a image from your camera roll and then just use some image from from your camera so something like that hope that is helpful

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