How to generate avatars in MyHeritage AI Time Machine app?

so here's a quick overview of myheritage AI app um so this app right now is just going viral and uh uh yeah similar to other apps like Lancer AI or Draw down AI um so my Heritage overall is just like a DNA research platform completely detached for all these Trends but a year ago or so they made an app where you can could add animations to old photos so you could scan like some old photos of your ancestors and then they could start moving now they released a new feature where uh basically you have you can now uh yeah just upload your selfies like you're doing in other AI Avatar apps and then it will generate AI time machine images so this is just like an overview of my Heritage AI time machine app so yeah you can do it for free actually and um yeah then you get something like this of course there are like Watermark here so that's that but uh yeah so you have that and then you just kind of generate all these images for like kinosa patame Greek gods Ramen Warrior Slumber legendary Celtic Warrior like all of these things medieval Knight Cowboy for example so here you can see this it's kind of pretty interesting yeah and then you can also just get it download so it's it's kind of free feature uh it's pretty cool actually uh here you can also see like a pilot painter 1980s rock star kind of like this one so yeah futuristic cyborg so yeah you can also create for another person if you want to try more themes then you need to upgrade for yeah for like around 14 15 I guess uh yeah and then they also have this Avatar step where you can also try to generate AI avatars in my Heritage app this Avatar package includes 40 themes around 300 images and then you can just get it now like time travel feature is completely free it just takes a bit of a time so you just upload your 8 to 10 selfies and then um you just get an email when yourself is ready and then you just get this time travel feature uh you can also try Avatar feature so there you have it

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