How to generate first 6 free AI AVATARS in DAWN AI app?

so how to generate your first six six free AI avatars in the down AI app a lot of people are asking is this app actually free or not when I tried it three days ago when it just started to get in the top charts it was actually free so you could upload it your selfies and you got like 50 AI waters for free in in a day but then when the app spiked in the top charts I think they limited this option and I just tried yesterday you still it still says that you can get 50 avatars but in fact you only get six for free instantly and then if you're just still using the app you like another 50 are available after one day and then you need to wait one day if you want to generate another filter Avatar um so oh okay so now you see that like every day you get zero trainings right I think tomorrow to get more or Go premium so here what this just says it's like wait until tomorrow um so yeah unfortunately as you can see that's the issue like you can only do one action per day and then you're kind of limited so because I generated some of the avatars yesterday afternoon there are not like I think it's less than 24 hours so you need to wait 24 hours I guess otherwise you need to upgrade to 9.99 per week I'm not sure if like there is a a free trial anymore because I think the developers keep experimenting with the pricing with the absolute app and of course like they're just trying to get like the best performance and the best like deal of this app while it is in the top charts right now so that's what it is um but in my experience you still can generate like six free avatars just upload your selfies and you can get like out of 50 you can get and download six and on all others you will see that they are blurred out and you will just say reveal me and then you will need to upgrade then you just wait another day and you can get access to them as well still a pretty good deal because in other apps you need to upgrade right away as I understand

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