How to generate many red flags on Twitter?

okay so recently on twitter there is this uh red flag meme so there are a lot of people just adding a lot of red flags [Music] and basically uh the idea of the meme is that you just add the red flag to something which like yeah which is a red flag for you basically so yeah you quote the phrase that would be a red flag for someone to say to you then add a bunch of red flag emojis um so for example if i do this i can just add a lot of emojis like this but did you know that you can actually use copy pasta keyboard app and then can just use uh the red flags from here so i just have them here and then i can just uh okay i'll just try to reinstall it so the idea is that in copy paste the keyboard you can duplicate uh your phrases or emojis like many times up to 600 times so you can of course on twitter if there is a limit but um like if i want to add a new keyboard so copy pasta and then i want to go to notes for example and then i select copy pasta okay so it doesn't work but anyways the idea is for example if i want to insert like hearts emoji or something like this so then it will just copy paste many times and then of course you can insert red flags here and use it on twitter so just a tip                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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