How to get a BeReal notification and post a BeReal?

hello everyone so here is how burial notification looks like so here you can see this notification uh time to be real two minute left to capture brill and see what your friends are up to uh yep and then you can see and i can just tap on it this is how the process looks like uh then you can just uh change your camera and you should be able to take burial you have you have one like two minutes then you take picture it takes picture both with your front and back camera uh yeah and then you can retake it if you retake it it it will be shown in your stats then here is how you can change your audience either your friends only or discovery meaning that shared with everyone on be real or my friends only share it only with your friends then you can change your location either no location share it or location on and then i can just tap send it and there you have it now it's being sent so there you have it now you can add a caption now also if you tap on four minute lay you can tap options and here you can change privacy will be really removed from discovery or you can delete your burial if you delete your burial you can still retake it but just one time and then you won't be able to delete be real anymore so yep that's for for this day so that's the idea and then after you took your burial you will be able to see burials of of other people so that's how it works um hope it was helpful it's a very interesting app so definitely worse for you to check it out and see if if it's for you this app is called like authentic instagram the whole point is that you see people just taking random photos of themselves what they are doing during these days like during just these two minutes and there is no time to create perfect filter to cross create perfect setup like you know wait for like perfect weather and create this like idealistic instagram image here it just shows like real photos of people and it's a bit more relaxed app as you can see that not everyone is living in the uh like perfect lifestyle as you might notice on instagram that everyone is just like you know just uh looking really good and everything is here it's just like normal life and that's why i think this app is kind of creates this cool niche and it's growing in charts in the app store on on iphone in united states everywhere so i don't know if this trend will continue but definitely give it a try

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