How to get a friends tag in LiveIn widget app?

so here is new feature updating live in widget it's called friends tab how to get friends tag send a photo with your friend every day you can accumulate one flame with him and you can continuously upgrade the front tag between you more interesting friend tags are waiting for you to challenge and unlock together boyfriends best is bff super bff and then you can just play with it here is also some uh tab here when i went to my friend tab your on live in disappears next to a number of days that you and the friend you have continually send a picture or video to each other within 24 hours live eleven is went in soon uh the accumulation of fire icon can upgrade to the front tag and then you can just upgrade it with your friends the first friend tag only three icons to generate so yep that's basically [Music] how it works so for example if i want to send a photo and then i just want to send it to friends and then i just want to tap pause sets i guess how it works and then you you can get like this friend tag yep so that's the idea uh i don't know exactly yet how that feature would work and all of that because it was just released i'm still exploring but yep that's basically the idea yep so that's that

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