How to GET and OPEN MESSAGES in NGL app? Not Gonna Lie app

to open your messages tab on ngl app it's pretty straightforward but there you have it so you have two tabs in there play and inbox if you receive new messages in the app next to inbox tab you will see this red circle so as you can see here it means i just got some new messages and these are all my messages they just won't appear by themselves in in the app you need to share instagram stories and include the link and share it to your friends and followers and then you will get these messages in my experience you need so the the the conversion rate or how to explain it so there were like 30 people who have seen this story and i got three messages so it's not like that every person who sees this story will obviously submit the message in your link no no that's not how it works so yep and then in inbox tab you will be able to see all your messages and then you will be able to reply to them um so that's how it works and uh green icon means that i already replied to this message and i recorded another instagram story visa reply to to the message and then you hear you just see your messages you can just tap who sent this and then try to upgrade and and get some uh again some suggestions to see who who sent this and then you can tap reply you can also in the top left you can tap to report the post

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