here's gas app is going so viral right now I'm just trying to figure out the best ways to use it so here you can see like you're receiving this pole and it can say like from a girl in 10th Grade someone uh she saw like for example secretly admires you but you don't know like uh which girl is who is that and how to get Clues who it is um yup so you will receive these flames and you can tap on on those and meaning that uh like if it's a pink flame then it's a girl a blue it's a boy and then there is purple it's a non-binary person and you can see the great so if in your school let's say the gas app is growing fast but there are still not that many members like if you're in a school you have like 50 members on gas app you can see that um in the Gaza itself like you can see that there aren't that many like you see 49 members 122 56 so you can see that someone from 10th grade and it's a hero so like out of like 49 members intense grade like how many girls are there like for example there can be like five girls or like five boys so you clearly already an arrow in the search here and of course you can just go and ask who is using gazab or something if you're super super curious so this is just like I'm thinking out loud yeah so this is what you can do like in a free version without upgrading without doing anything of course they are promoting their god mode or if you see this button see who likes you in your inbox on in this polls then you are lucky because this feature is not yet available to everyone but that's great you're lucky then you can just tap that and then that's a subscription that unlocks the feature of unlimited hints you can see the first letter of someone who voted for you so you can just tap get a hint like here get a hint and then you will get a clue who that is you will see the first letter of that person and if you know that they're like you know in that grade there are five five girls and already like there are only like 39 people in your school using this app so might be of those five just uh three are using the app and the first letter is a then you will be able to pretty clearly identify uh yeah what's that but if there are like you know 200 people using the apps they're like 10 girls and there are three girls the first letter starting with a or three boys starting his uh another letter or something then it can even if it's a god mode it can be a bit complicated uh so yeah and then uh if you want to see the full name of someone who voted for you they just need to vote for you twice so you can then have this uh uh two bonus reveals so if someone is constantly voting for you then you have this bonus reveal and you just have two two of those two times you can use them I don't know for each period and then you can completely see exactly the full name um so another strategy I would suggest is that you just need to participate add your name in as many polls as possible because then someone can just vote for you twice or three times or four times so just buy coins and with these coins you can add yourself to many balls uh aren't double coins when working on Paul's Crush Alerts get notified when someone adds themselves to your pulse Anonymous mods so just some other features obviously it's God mode like byte subscription service this code mode is 100 private uh gas app doesn't show which users have it or not um so that's that hope uh it's some of the ideas were helpful of course I'm just exploring the app yeah like unfortunately I still don't have access yeah I'm not in us so I don't know when this app will be a wild worldwide internationally and all of that but yeah that's it uh if you have any other suggestions just leave them in the comments

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