How to get CNN+ app?

how to get cnn plus app uh so i was just looking uh here in the app store and yeah i was just looking for a separate app cnn plus i just searched for it and then as you can see uh yeah it's in i think it is inside of the mind cnn app so just download the my cnn app and now you have events inside of the app store uh and then uh here you will see this like it's a major update or like app events and it's cnn plus launch get your launch get your news in the ui stream original series and films when you want and interact with interviews as they happen so yeah to get to get cnn plus app i guess you just need to download my cnn app and then uh yeah probably cnn plus is just inside this man's main cnn app so here it was released like one day ago subscribe today and stay informed his live events stream exclusive original series and films and participate in interactive interviews so that's the idea um for people who don't know uh cnn plus gives you access to some exclusive content so that's like a subscription service so cnn is trying to do something like you know amazon prime for for you know for news or for media where uh it should be a major additional monetization model for for them i think from the business view because uh of course they are relying mostly on ads and advertisement but if you subscribe and you pass a monthly fee something like youtube premium you get access to some content exclusive content and then there is there are no ads so there you have it here you can just um sign up to cnn app um and then somewhere here uh it should be the cnn plus app but not sure like it's still not here actually uh so um [Music] um yeah i'm just curious like where where is that so anyways um you can access uh verify a cable provider maybe it's somewhere here maybe it's only available on like on saturn territory or like something like that other than that uh yeah if you have better idea where the cnn plus option can be it seems there are a lot of bugs still and um yeah so thank you for watching hope at least that was helpful

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