How to get credits in TouchTunes app?

hey there so how to get credits in TouchTunes app so just tap get credits here you can just purchase them so which payment matters are available so there is credit cards there is PayPal or you can just buy with Apple pay um so yeah uh there you have it so yeah these appointment options on Android devices you will have also Google pay instead of apple pie and then you can just get them 12 credits for seven dollars 24 credits for 14.28 credit 48 credits for 28. and then you also have these deals like you can get additional free credits if you purchase the bundle the bigger the bundle the more free credits you get and then there they have some new every bar credits which I used to play songs on any mobile jukebox within the country bars they purchased so like normal credits are just playing in the one location everywhere credits in all locations within the country so a number of credits required to play a song is controlled by the local jukebox owner and might arrive from jukebox location to jukebox uh wallet promo codes can be redeemed for free credits and used in any locations so you can redeem promo code here in top right and then also lastly you can enable after field turn on turn on after field when you're done to file credits instantly get more you set the amount and then you can just set up the option and then just tap turn on after feel for example like this and that's basically the idea so I hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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