How to get free seeds for plants in Widgetable?

In Widgetable's Vegetable App, you have the opportunity to grow your own plants from seeds. But how can you get those seeds for free? Let's explore the different ways to obtain them.

  1. Free packages in the shop: By visiting the shop in the Vegetable App, you can find free packages several times a day. These packages will contain seeds and props that you can use to enhance your gardening experience.
  2. Premium subscription benefits: Subscribing to the premium version of the app provides additional perks, including three free seeds in the shop every day. This allows you to grow a variety of plants without spending any extra money.
  3. Sponsored packages through video ads: Another way to acquire seeds is by watching video ads in the shop. By doing so, you can unlock sponsored packages that contain seeds. Simply tap on the "Get" button or watch an ad to increase your chances of receiving some valuable seeds.

It's important to note that inviting friends to the app will not earn you any additional seeds. While you can acquire plant pets through friend invites, seeds for planting purposes are not obtained in this way.

With these methods, Widgetable's Vegetable App provides opportunities to obtain free seeds for your plant-growing adventures. Happy gardening!

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