How to get GOD MODE in GAS app?

so how to get God mode in gas app so what you need to do is just tap the button see who likes you so this is the button how it looks like uh on and you can find this button on your inbox or inside of a poll you have received it is currently building rolled out to a limited number of users so check back to see if you have it so yeah the app is available only in the United States and not in all states then you need to have your school being in in enabled in this app so you need to have some numbers of your school and then even after that you might not yet be eligible for the god mode because it's slowly rolling out to everyone but that's that so it's a good mode you will have a limited hints you will have a reveals you can see the name of the person who wrote it for you twice like the full name you can have double coins Crush alerts Anonymous mode um all of that

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