How to get Hints who likes you in GAS app?

so here is gas app um how to get a hint who liked you in the gas app so here uh you can see this is just like a preview and by default in a free version what you can see you can see a gender and and the great so you can see like boy in 11 is great voted you in this poll like but how to get a hint like how to know uh uh who exactly that was so the the one thing to do it is just by using God mode uh is a subscription that unlocks these features where to find it you can uh see it inside of a poll you received or in your inbox um yeah but this feature is not yet available to everyone um so um yeah it's it might not be available to you if you don't see it in these two locations in your inbox or inside of the poll probably it's not yet available to you I don't know when it will be rolled out to everyone it's just you know this app is being built right now and they're testing a lot of features rolling out state by state in the United States and adding add in a lot of features testing them out so it's not like in the full uh build mode uh so it's like a better version yet but yeah with a with this gold mode if you're lucky to have it I don't know the pricing though you can have unlimited hints so you can tap this button to get a hint as many times as you want and then what will happen after you tap this button you will just see the first letter of someone who voted for you um two bonus reveals meaning that if someone voted for you twice you will just see the full name so that's that meaning like if you appear in the many polls maybe some person will vote for it twice and and you will get that as well double coins are double coins from voting and pulse Crush Alerts get notified when someone adds themselves to your pulse Anonymous mode Sun pulse 100 anonymously so these are the features um 100 Sorry God mode is 100 private meaning that nobody will see that you have got mode on other hand like if you are using God mode and you are voting for someone impulse seems like that they won't be able to discover that you voted for them even if they are using Code modes themselves so yeah that's the idea uh I hope it is helpful yeah that's that and thank you for watching if you have any other ideas how to you know how to get this hints uh just leave them in the comments

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