hey everyone so how to get labs app invite so here is the app so in fact it was available for everyone publicly and you could get in the app without an invite and it was in the top charts in u.s app store so yeah that was really cool but it was open just for a few days and then it was closed back again so now for example me i can invite people so i see here for invites left and then i can just invite so to [Music] uh yeah so you i i can invite people i can see my invites four invites left and one pending usually there are only like five invites um so what you need to do basically to get labs invite you need to find a friend who has this labs app installed and who has invites then you need him to add you as a contact on iphone so you need to like to be a contact on iphone in your phone book on on his her or her like phone book on iphone and then you will appear here among the contacts and then your friend with the labs app will be able to send you an invite from here so that's basically how it works so again so you need to find someone who has laptop who has still some invites left usually there are only five invites then you need to be added in his or her like phone book on iphone website is on on iphone and then that person will be able to send you an invite from labs app so that's how it works hope that was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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