How to get support in On/Go app?

so here is on go test app so to get help here to conduct support just go to your profile tab get help faq and that's how you reach out to the customer support there are some faq sections so you can read all the details and yeah because sometimes you need a lot of information if it's still not helpful you can just scroll to the very bottom of that page and then just tap contact us or you can just engage in chat or you can just tap another button and then probably you will be redirected to some email form um so yep okay let's try again so from here i will just need to scroll to the bottom and then i just tap to contact us and then yeah here in the top if you scroll up you will see this form uh then just i need support enter a name first name email address phone number and then they probably will call you uh so that's how basically it can work hope that was helpful

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