hello so how to send test et room to your nkb rinky by test network um you can also get test link or test ethereum so you just need to copy your testnet account address which you can get here so if you switch in metamaster inc by test network and then there is your account number so you can just copy that to clipboard and then you can go to to that website [Music] so that was another website but you can also try that out and then here you can just uh send and fill the captcha i'm not a robot and it sends 0.1 tested theorem and then you can just tap send request and then it is basically initiating so and then you just waiting for confirmation and then you can see tokens transferred and then i will see that in my wrinkle by test network i can also send again the cool part about this is that is you can send many times so if you want like at least one test et room you can just click like 10 times here on this website or something like that there are also other faucets these websites vistas theorem called faucets i guess so you can use them but some of them require like few days some of them require you to share a link on social media with your ethereum address and stuff like that so this you just guaranteed you will have smaller one small amount pretty fast hope that was helpful

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