How to GET VERIFIED in LUNO app?

curious luna crypto app so if i go to my profile uh yeah you can't do anything if you not verified with this app so just go to your profile in bottom right tab get started and that's that's where you can start verifying your account so you need to enter your valid address you need to enter first middle names as they appear on your id surname that burst your citizenship uh and then okay and then proceed with all of this and then you just need to yet to do that here's explanation why and then you just need to verify uh there are different account levels level one confirm your mobile number and your basic personal details then you could submit photo scan of your government issued id selfie photo not older 24 hours enter your residential address and select your employment status occupation and source of funds so that's the level three and then after that you'll be able to deposit bitcoin to use wallets here um you know and do all of that buy style send and receive crypto bitcoin so that's what it is um yeah usually from web 3 apps you would expect that it's much less centralized so it's more decentralized and you don't need you know all of these details but sometimes these apps are just basically in fact just a regular web 2 apps so still you need all this verification anyways hope this was helpful

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