How to get verified in MM Selective Dating?

hey everyone so here is mm app which is also mm dating app um and it is like a millionaire dating app as they brand themselves like that um so if you just tap on your profile in top left and then you can just to verify yourself you tap on verifications what you need to do here there are like three verification steps you need to verify your photo verify your phone number and verify income so usually in all other dating apps you just verify a photo just like put some selfie and your phone number uh and then yeah you just type here and then you just need to so so then you can just do something like this and that's that's your verification kind of for the and it just takes some time so so now uh you submitted your photo but that's not enough then you just need to verify your phone number just enter your phone number and get sms and then verify income so then here you need to have your annual income it's a millionaire dating app so you have uh uh you can prefer not to disclose or you can just uh yeah so to verify your income and completely have this verification you need to upgrade to vip membership first and okay and then you need to pay one month like 49.99 so that's basically how it works and if they tell if you upgrade here then basically you can just date verified rich people so i don't know if that's completely true or how it works but that's it is what it is so um yeah i just shown you how to get verified on this app how it hope it can be helpful

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