to get verified in spam app uh you just tap on edit profile and then basically you need to link your insta on or tick tock so you just can uh link your instagram here and then i can just uh yeah and then after that i need to add this code to to my instagram bio um and then you just need to verify it so that's how you verify you install tick tock and then if you just link you will see that you are verified uh then you if you have 10k followers on instagram tick tock you will have this green batch so if you just verify you will get a yellow byte then you can get green badge and if you want a blue badge that's like a yeah you can get 100k if you have 100k followers either on instagram tick tock so you don't need on both so just on either one then the blue badge so that's amazing and basically this code is just like a virality hook obviously for the app to bring this viral growth element and if you just add this code to the you know uh to the this bio of course if and if you have a lot of followers there on tick tock a lot of people will check it out so that's that hope that is helpful

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